Receive and Process Payments

Raisely lets your donors make donations easily online through their credit cards. We do this through the two payment gateways we integrate with, Stripe and PayPal.

Stripe is a large online payment processor, handling payments for companies like Shopify and Uber. They process millions of transactions per day and are a Level 1 PCI Service Provider. At a minimum, we recommend you connect Stripe to your Raisely campaign to easily accept donations.

If you like, you're also able to connect PayPal to your Raisely campaign. If you do, we'll give your donors the option to either pay by credit card or PayPal when they go to complete their donation.

Stripe 🔗

Stripe allows Raisely to securely process your donor's card details.  Raisely never transmits or stores card information, it's handed directly over to Stripe for Raisely to then charge and issue a receipt.

If you don't already have a Stripe account, creating one is simple. You will need:

  • Details about your organisation (tax numbers and your registered name)
  • ID documents
  • Bank account details for where your donations will be deposited

Stripe will deposit donations on a rolling basis into your bank account automatically. They will protect you from a large amount of online fraud, and also provide you with a dashboard for basic reporting.

Stripe allows Raisely to support:

  • Donations in over 130 currencies
  • Secure (SCA-compliant) card processing
  • Regular giving
  • Advanced reports of all donations included in a bank payout
  • Advanced fraud protection

Stripe charge a per-transaction fee to process credit cards, which changes for each country. View your local pricing here.

If you're a  registered charity you may also be eligible for Stripe's non-profit pricing. You can learn more about eligibility, and how to apply here.

PayPal 🔗

Raisely integrates with the PayPal OneTouch payments experience. This allows donors to make single donations quickly and easily with their PayPal account. 

To integrate your PayPal account with Raisely, you will need a business account and access to the PayPal developer console. We walk you through how to do that here.

🚨   PayPal cannot be used for regular donations, payment routing, or registration payments. 🚨

If your campaign requires any of these features, please connect a Stripe account instead.

👉 When you connect PayPal, you'll be asked for your credit card details. We use these to bill you monthly for the Raisely fees that donors choose to pay on top of their donation. These fund Raisely, but we can't deduct them automatically from PayPal.

At the end of each month, we'll charge your card the total amount of optional fees paid by your donors. We never charge additional fees for this – we only bill you for the amount your donors opted into when they made their donation.

How do I receive my donations? 🔗

Whenever you raise money through Raisely, all of your donations go directly to your payment gateway. We never hold them in our account, or in escrow. 

Both Stripe and PayPal will card and settle card payments for you, then deposit them into your bank account. You only need a regular business account to accept these donations, you do not need a merchant bank account.

Raisely makes it easy for you to report on your donations with financial reports that show the details of each individual payment. You can download these as a CSV file from your Raisely admin panel at any time.

If you use Stripe, we also give you a bank payout report that details the individual donations inside a single bank transfer from Stripe.

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