Explaining Profiles and People

There are two key concepts in Raisely: People and Profiles. We've put together a few key notes and a short video to explain the difference. 

Watch the video for a walkthrough of adding both to your campaigns manually.


If you are running a peer-to-peer campaign on Raisely, you will see profiles in your campaign. Profiles are public fundraising pages, and a supporter creates a profile when they sign up to fundraise with your campaign. Profile pages have a goal, a photo, a description and a total. Profile pages can receive donations, post blog posts, and be shared via social media.

A profile page looks a little like this:

There are two types of profiles:  team and individual. Team profiles can store other profiles under them as team members. Team profiles will also show the collective totals of their members' fundraising, exercise distances, and exercise times.


People are all of the individuals who have interacted with any of your Raisely campaigns. Every time someone uses an email address to interact with any of your campaigns, we'll add them under your "People" tab.

When someone signs up to your campaign as a fundraiser, they create an account with an email and password. The first step of the signup form also allows you to collect other personal information -- like an address, phone number or date of birth -- and all that information goes into the "People" tab.

When someone donates to your campaign, we also add them under the "People" tab, along with a record of your donation.

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