Manage Regular Giving

One-time donations are great, but you can also use Raisely to onboard regular donors. This gives your supporters the ability to sign up for a regular donation that's billed in a wide range of intervals.

Which payment gateways support Regular Giving?

At this stage, regular giving is only available with Stripe.

This means if you are only using PayPal as your sole payment gateway, unfortunately, regular giving will not be possible for your campaign at this stage.

Regular Giving Intervals

A regular giving interval commences when the donor makes the first donation, this is then used to calculate when the next donation will be attempted.

Weekly: Processed the same day each week.

Fortnightly: Processed the same day each fortnight.

4 Weekly: Processed every 28-days.

Monthly: Processed the same day every month.

Yearly: Processed the same day every year.

Donation Form

To customise your regular giving options, click Settings and then Donation Form from the left sidebar:

Add, Re-order and Remove Donation Frequencies

Here, we can see the currently configured donation frequencies. You can set up the different frequencies you want to offer, as well as the dollar, amounts you want to offer for each frequency by clicking the "Add New" button:

How do I create a form just for regular giving?

To disable one-off giving from your form, just remove the "Once-off" interval. If you'd rather just have "Monthly" as the default, and keep "Once-off" as an option you can use the handles to drag the order of your donation intervals. The one at the top will be your default.

Account Management

How do donors manage their regular giving?

Donors can access their account by clicking the "Manage your Donations" link in the Regular Giving Welcome email, they received when they began their regular giving:

They will be taken your campaign and will be able to modify their regular giving by clicking on the regular giving they wish to modify:

They will then be able to modify the amount and frequency of the regular giving donation, as well as pausing or cancelling it.

They will also able to update the card to be charged for the regular giving donation.

What if the donor has lost/deleted that email?

If the donor no longer has access to this email, they can still access their account by resetting their password at the login page on the campaign.

Raisely will also automatically re-send this link if a regular donation fails for any reason.

Can an admin modify or cancel a regular giving donation?

Yes! As an admin, you can update, pause, cancel or modify the regular giving donation. Editing a regular giving donation is done via the Raisely CRM, you can reach it via two different methods:

a) Via the campaign donation area

Whilst looking at your campaign donations, you're able to identify a regular giving donation from other donations with an icon up the top right of the donation:

You can quickly jump to this user in the Raisely CRM by clicking on the Donor field:

b) Looking up the user manually via the People area:

Start by visiting the People area from your organisation's homepage:

Now in your Raisely CRM, you can search for donor by name or email:

Click into the user and on the right-hand side you will see Regular Donations:

Notice that the Regular Donation area shows the regular donation, and below in the  Individual Donations area you see a list of individual donations. You can see that these individual donations are related to the regular donation as they have a special icon to the right to denote they were regular giving donations.

To view and modify the regular donation, click the regular donation you'd like to edit and the area will expand with additional information and options:

Here you can modify the amount, next billing date and frequency of the regular donation. You can also mark the regular donation as inactive, cancel it or attempt to process the regular donation straight away.

Once you've made the desired change, click the Update Regular Donation button to save them!

What do the Regular Donors see?

Once they sign up to regularly give in your campaign, they have their own dashboard where they can edit their details, change their password or adjust their regular donation. 

Welcome emails, receipts and failure notices

The following messages are sent to regular donors:

  • Regular Donation Welcome
    Sent on the first donation a regular donor makes. You can use this message to welcome them as a supporter of your organisation.
  • Regular Donation Receipt
    Sent on every subsequent donation, every time their donation is successfully re-billed. You can turn this email off if you plan to send an annual receipt.
  • Regular Donation Failing
    Sent when a regular donation experiences a soft failure, for example when a card declined. A soft failure is any failure that is temporary like insufficient funds.
  • Regular Donation Failed
    The last email we send for a regular donation. It's sent when we stop attempting to bill a regular donation or we experience a hard failure. A hard failure is any failure that is permanent, for example, a cancelled card. We will also fail a "failing" donation after 14 retries.
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