Add Conditions to Your Fields

Adding conditions to your fields lets you control whether fields are shown based on the user's previous answers and keeps forms sleek and user-friendly. 

🚨🚨Conditions must be evaluated against specific, exact values, so only add them to fields that are being compared to field types that return controlled, expected values for best results.

Select Items, Checkbox, and Number field types are all good examples of comparing fields because the responses to these fields can be easily anticipated. Text and Textarea fields are not, because users can enter unpredictable values.

Reference your triggering field's type to see if you can anticipate the exact responses your users will give before creating a condition. 🚨🚨

To add a condition to your field, start by opening the field's settings menu under Settings > Donation/Signup Form (wherever it's located) and finding the Add Condition button at the bottom:

Click the cog icon on the row that appears to add a new condition. You'll then see this menu with three fields:

👩‍💻Pro tip: when adding a new condition, it's helpful to think of the condition as a sentence that tells the field when it should show:

 "Show this field when [1. Trigger Field] [2. Evaluates as] [3. Value]"


1. Trigger Field

This dropdown menu lets you choose the triggering field that determines whether your conditional field is shown. In this example, I only want the "Other Fast" field to show when a specific value is chosen from the "I will abstain from ____ for 30 days" field, so I choose "I will abstain from ____ for 30 days":

✨Note: it's only possible to add a condition based on fields-- it isn't currently possible to set a condition based on a user's selected donation amount or dollar handle.


2. Evaluator

This dropdown field lets you choose how you want to check the field in step 1. Available options include:

  • is equal to
  • is not equal to
  • is greater than
  • is less than
  • exists
  • does not exist

Since I only want the Other Fast field to show when this condition matches, or is equal to, one specific value in the "I will abstain from..." field, I choose "is equal to":


3. Value

This text field is where you enter the value of the field you are checking. In the sentence "Show this field when [Field A] [is equal to] [something]," the value is the [something] you are looking for.

This value must match the value of your field from Step 1 exactly in order to work. We recommend referencing your field's values in our support article or under Organisation > Custom Fields and copy/pasting the chosen value directly into this blank.

The "I will abstain from..." field is a custom profile field, so I'll check its possible values in a new tab by going to Organisation > Custom Fields > Profile. I only want the Other Fast field to show when Other is selected from the dropdown menu, so I look for Other under the field options.

Referencing the field type article, I see that internal Values in Select Items fields are listed on the left, and public-facing Labels are shown on the right. I need the Value, so I copy other ,...:

...go back to the Other Fast field, and paste it into the blank at the bottom:

Press Save to finalise your changes, and you're done! Now, the Other Fast field will only appear on the signup form when Other is selected from the "I will abstain from..." field's dropdown menu, like this:



Where can you find the information collected in conditional fields? In custom reports! Read our article on creating a custom report for more information-- remember to add both the triggering field and the conditional field to your reports to see all of your supporters' responses.


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