Set Up PayPal Payments

Note: In order to use PayPal with your Raisely campaign, you must have a PayPal Business account. Click here for more information regarding PayPal Business accounts.

Connecting Your PayPal Business Account 🔗

1. Navigate to the PayPal developer site and click the blue "Login to Dashboard"  button in the top right to log in with your PayPal Business account credentials.

2. You should be automatically directed to your My Apps and Credentials page. If not, you can navigate to this link by clicking the My Apps and Credentials tab underneath your Dashboard.

3. Under REST API apps, you will see a toggle pill with Sandbox and Live. First, whilst Sandbox is selected, click Create App

4. You will be taken to the Create New App page. Think of a name for this app and choose a sandbox email to use. The name doesn't have to be clever - something like "Raisely" or "Raisely Campaign" will work fine. You will notice that the 'Sandbox Business Account' is populated with a random email - this can be ignored for the Sandbox version.

5. After you create the S andbox App, you will be shown the  Sandbox API Credentials - you can view these later, but copy the Client ID and the Secret to save you coming back.
6. Once you've copied them down, return back to the My Apps & Credentials page, now toggle the Live pill to create the Live version of the app
7. Repeat steps 4 and 5, and you will be able to copy down the Live API Credentials - Client ID and Secret

8. In a new tab, go to the Payments link under Settings, then click Connect a PayPal Account, as shown here:

9. You will see a form pop up titled Add PayPal Account. Ensure Sandbox is selected on your PayPal page, click on your newly created App Name - This will display the Sandbox API Credentials, you can then copy the Client ID and Secret Key directly from PayPal into Raisely, like this:

10. With the Sandbox credentials copied across, return to My Apps & Credentials on PayPal and switch from Sandbox to Live. Then select your new Live app, and copy/paste the new keys into the respective lines.

11. Enter the email account and country associated with the PayPal Business account, then click the purple Save Account button.

12. If you don't already have a valid payment card linked to your PayPal account, you'll need to add one now. For questions about charges assessed by Raisely, click here.

13. Congratulations! Your PayPal account is now linked to your campaign, and you're ready to accept donations 🙌

Feel free to contact us if you have any trouble setting up, we are happy to help.

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