Add Videos to Your Blog Posts

Charities who post and share blogs see more traffic and higher donation amounts than organisations who don't, so it's important to publish eye-catching, compelling content. Adding a video to your post is a great way to get more views and improve engagement with your campaign, so we've made it easy!

Note: before you get started, you'll need to upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo

To create a new blog post, start by going to Blog from the navigation bar on the left. Then, click the purple Add Blog Post button in the top right-hand corner to start a new post:

Add a title, image (if desired), and content to the menu that pops up. To add a video, simply paste the URL from YouTube or Vimeo directly into the body of the post, as shown here:

Our editor will read the video's URL and automatically embed it in the post, no <embed> code required!

Once you're satisfied with your content, just click Save Post to publish! You'll be taken back to the main Blog tab, and from here you can click the View button to view your work:

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😊  

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