Set Up Your Buttons

You can access all of your campaign's Button settings by clicking Design > Buttons

Buttons tell your users what to do - they're how you guide your users to interact with your campaign, so it's important for them to communicate their message as efficiently as possible. Here are a few important things to consider when setting up and adding buttons to your site:

Clear Hierarchy

Much in the same way as typography, button design requires careful thought and attention. When deciding which button to use, and where, it can be helpful to assign a set of rules to each. At Raisely, we help you do this by offering four different button types:

  1. Primary Button: used for the most important things you want your users to do; it should stand out the most.
    (example: Donate and Sign Up)
  2. Secondary Button: used for the less important things you want users to do.
    (example: More Information)
  3. Call to Action Button: used as a larger version of your primary button for more emphasis.
  4. Inverse Button: used as a multi-purpose, versatile button that can work on various backgrounds.


Each button type should have a distinct style whilst also maintaining a strong connection to the others. For example, the buttons may all have the same font size but differ in background colour.

This combination makes it easier for the user to learn what is expected of each action, and this ultimately helps create a more effective campaign.

👀 Accessibility: When choosing your background and text colour for your buttons, please check that your colour combinations are accessible. At Raisely, accessibility is of utmost importance, and we try our best to make our products accessible for everyone.

Be Purposeful 

It is easy to add buttons to your website using the Page Editor by adding a Button Row Block. You can choose the type, text, and link for each button in the block's settings menu.
Ideally, your buttons' texts will be as succinct as possible; somewhere between 2-5 descriptive words should be enough. If you find you need to use much longer text, it might be worth adding a bit more context around the action to help users know what they need to do:


As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😊


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