Add Videos to Your Pages

You've spent the time to create great, shareable videos, now let's add them to your campaign! You'll do this using our Video block; feel free to review how to use rows and blocks if you're not familiar with blocks yet.

To start, upload your video to your YouTube or Vimeo account. Make sure to make the video publicly-accessible, or else your supporters won't be able to see it 🙈

Note: Due to its negative impact on SEO and browser compatibility, it is not possible to set videos to autoplay when the page is loaded.

Add the Video Block

To get your video into your campaign you need to open up the page you want the video to appear on via the page editor. 

1. Inside your campaign, click Pages and click the page you want to edit. In this example, I am going to be editing the Donate page

2. Now you're inside the page editor, click the + button down the bottom right of the page to give you the option to either add a new row or a new block. 

We want to add a video block so we will select the block icon

3. You will see a list of available blocks appear, you can type in "video" to filter down the list down and get the video block.

Once you've found it, select it to place it on the page

4. Place the video block down wherever you'd like it to display! Once placed you can click it, or hover over it and click the white cog to configure the block

5. With the block settings open on the right, you can paste in your YouTube/Vimeo link in the Video URL setting, and click the green tick to save your changes

6. You will notice once you save your changes the video thumbnail will show up so you know you've linked the correct video

7. Once you're happy, click the Save button up the top right of the page to make your changes public and you're all done!

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