Add Your Brand

Establishing your brand is essential when setting up your campaign - good communication amplifies your reach, and a strong, impactful brand lies at the heart of any effective movement.

Adding elements such as your logo or brand colours breathe life into your campaign, making it instantly recognisable, and gives people something tangible to rally around and get behind.

We suggest you start by personalising these three things:

  1. Upload Your Logo
    Make sure your supporters recognise your organisation by uploading your logo. Your logo will sit in both the header and footer of the website.
  2. Select Your Primary Theme Colour
    What colour best represents or compliments your brand? Use the colour picker or type in the hex colour code to set the primary theme colour on your website.  
  3. Choose Your Background Picture
    What picture best represents your campaign? Upload it as your background picture and it will display on your homepage and as the header of other pages across your website. Stuck for inspiration? We suggest a quick visit to to find an incredible image that matches your campaign.

You can access all of these settings by clicking Design > Brand from the navigation bar on the left. You should see something like this:

Note: Remember to click Save to finalise your changes!

Does your organisation not have brand standards yet, or are you unsure how to create your brand? Check out our article on designing beautiful campaigns!

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