Update Your Site Navigation

The top navigation of your campaign is the main way users will find and move between your campaign pages. By default, it will include some key links, but you should customise it to include what is important for your website.

To edit your navigation, go to "Settings" then "Menu" from your left sidebar.

Add links to your menu

Use the "Add New Item" button to add more links to your menu. When you're adding a link you can enter the link's title, link and style.

Title is what's shown in the menu.
Link is the page to link to. Select "Custom URL" to enter in an external link.
Item Style will be how your link looks in the menu. Choose a button style to make your link stand out. This is good for "Donate" or "Sign Up" links.

Editing and re-ordering

Use the "Edit" button to make changes to existing links. You can also drag the link to change the order it displays in the menu.

Making drop-downs

You can move a link to be within a dropdown from another link by dragging it onto the link it should be inside.

Note: This feature is only supported in version 3 campaigns, ones created after May 2019.

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