Delete a Profile

Whether it's to prevent the test profiles made during a campaign's creation from affecting reports or to remove a profile at a user's request, you may find you need to delete a profile from your campaign.

Remove a Profile 🔗

To delete a profile, go to Profiles from the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the admin panel, then click into the profile you want to delete:

Next, click the red Archive button in the top right-hand corner:

Doing this will remove the profile from your live site and your reports, and make it publicly inaccessible to anyone-- effectively deleting it from your campaign.

Note: if you archive a group page while the group still has members, the members won't be able to leave the group or join any others. To prevent a poor user experience for your participants, make sure to reassign the members to the campaign or a new group first!

Restore a Profile 🔗

If you need to un-delete the profile at a later date, go to Profiles and click the Archived toggle to see a list of your archived profiles:

Then, click into the profile you want to restore and click the Unarchive button in the top right-hand corner:


Purge a Profile's Information 🔗

If you need to delete a profile entirely, contact us. Doing this will permanently remove all information relating to a profile, and it is not reversible.


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