Move a Donation to a Different Profile

It's not uncommon for supporters to accidentally donate to the broader campaign instead of a specific profile on the campaign, or vice versa.

It's simple for you to correct these donations from the admin panel.

1. Go to Donations in your Sidebar, within the campaign

2. Find the donation referenced - the most recent donations are displayed first or you can search by name or email.

3. Click to expand the donation

4. In the section that says Re-assign donation, here you can re-assign the donation in three different ways

a) Assign the donation to another profile under the current campaign.

You can move the donation by typing in the name of the profile the donation needs to be reassigned to, wait a moment and click the desired profile

b) Assign the donation to another campaign, to a profile within that campaign

First, click the Select a Campaign dropdown menu and select the campaign the new profile currently belongs to and select it

With the new campaign selected, you can now search for profiles under that campaign. Type in the profile name under the new campaign, and select the new profile

c) Assign the donation to another campaign, and assign it to the campaign itself (not a profile)

Start by selecting the campaign you want to move the donation to, once selected you will notice the first option under the Profile area will have (Campaign) next to it - selecting this will assign the donation to the campaign itself, rather than a particular profile.

5. Click "Move Donation"

That's it! The donation should now be reassigned under the new nominated profile.

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