Custom Email Templates

Raisely comes with two built-in templates for your email. A simple HTML email with a header, and plaintext for a more personal feel.

If you want to really brand your emails, you can create a custom HTML and CSS templates to use for all your emails.

To create a new template, simply go to your campaign and click on Messages, then click New Custom Template.

Then paste in the HTML and SCSS for the template. You can use SASS or plain CSS for the styling of the template.

Do take note of the placeholders for custom styles ({{{customStyles}}} ) and the body of your message ({{{{html}}}) and ensure they are present in your template so that your messages have a body and the styles are applied correctly (note the 3 braces).

đŸ› Notes for Developers

When your message template is used by Raisely, we'll do a couple of things to help your email look its best in all messaging apps. Most of the time, you don't need to worry about this, but if you're curious what happens under the hood, read on...

Inline CSS
Raisely will take as many of the styles as it can and apply them inline. This means they'll be attached to the HTML elements that they apply to. This can help with email clients that strip elements from the HTML header of the email.

Convert Buttons
Any link in the template or the message starts with a <a title="button" will be converted to robust a more robust set of HTML that should render a button in any email client. If you insert buttons using the editor, they'll automatically be given
that attribute and converted.
If you're adding buttons in the template or through some other means, do note that this will only occur if the link tag exactly matches the text above. If the title attribute is not first (eg <a href="..." title="button"> ), the link will not be converted.

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