Customise Your Email Audience

Note: This is part 1 of a 4-part series on customising emails and SMS messages. Click here for Step 2: Customise Your Email Triggers, Step 3: Customise Your Sender and Subject Line, and Step 4: Customise Your Message Content!
Step 1 of creating an effective email is ensuring the message is only sent to the people you want to receive it. To help you do this, we've divided audiences into five main groups: 

  1. Fundraisers - the individual people who have signed up with your campaign
  2. Teams Leaders - the captains of the teams in your campaign (usually the person who created the team)
  3. Donors - the people who have donated to your campaign
  4. Fundraisers & Team Leaders - the individual people who have signed up with your campaign AND the team owners
  5. Everyone - Everyone that has interacted with your organisation, not just the specific campaign
  6. Audience Segment - a custom-built audience set up under Organisation

Let's start with an example 💡

One of the most common messages campaigns send out is the Donation Notification message. We'll look at this one as an example as the condition we use means this email is NOT sent to users who donate to their own profile-- there's no need to notify someone that a donation was made to their profile when they are the one who donated.

To do this, firstly, the overall audience you want to receive the message will already be selected as this is a core message built into campaigns. We want this to apply to both individual fundraisers and team owners, so we've selected Fundraisers & Teams for you.

Then, we send the message to Fundraisers & Teams who match All of the following

Lastly, we set up the conditional filter. Each donation, and each profile, is associated with an email address, and we want to make sure the Donation Notification email isn't sent when these email addresses are the same (meaning the profile owner donated to their own profile). 

To do this, we say we only want the Donation Notification email to be sent when the Donation Email (email associated with the donation) is not (isn't the same as) (the profile owner's email address). The final audience set up will look like this:

To create additional conditions (more-so in custom-built messages for both automatic and manual messages), or remove conditions you no longer need - click the bin icon or the + icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the condition:

💡 A good thing to note about multiple condition filters: There may be times when you want to send a message to an audience that matches ANY of your filters instead of all of them. To do this, select Any of the following from the "Send to [audience] who match" dropdown, as shown here:

📝 Good tips to keep in mind:

  • Adding conditions when "Send to [audience] who match ALL of the following" is chosen will narrow your audience, but
  • Adding conditions when "Send to [audience] who match ANY of the following" is chosen will widen your audience

Additional Recipients

What if you want to send a Donation Notification email to someone who isn't included in that audience, like your campaign admins or your organisation's administrator? 

At the bottom of Step 1 is a dropdown menu where you can select additional recipients. The three options here are:

  • None - no additional recipients
  • All Admins - all of your campaign and organisation admins
  • A Custom Email - one person of your choosing (useful if you only want to send the notification to your finance director, for example)
    : At this time, it's not possible to send messages to multiple custom recipients

Great work! Now your message has an audience. Now, let's set your email's trigger.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😊

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