Customise Your Sender Email Address and Subject Line

Note: This is part 3 of a 4-part series on customising emails and SMS messages. Click here for Step 1: Customise Your Audience, Step 2: Customise Your Email Triggers, and Step 4: Customise Your Message Content!

Step 3 of creating an effective email is sending your message from your campaign and with the subject you want (after-all, this is the first thing they see in their inbox). This gives your supporters a way to contact you directly, and it also lets you frame your communications in a way that is on-brand for your campaign.

When you click into Step 3, you will see three fields: 

  1. Sender Name: the "from" name you want to appear in your recipients' inboxes
  2. Sender Email: your campaign's email address. We recommend using an address your supporters can use to contact you (meaning, don't use It's also good to note that if the sender email is from a Gmail address, Raisely will attempt to send these emails, but many will go to spam. Instead, try to choose an address from a domain you own, like your website domain
  1. Subject: the subject of your message

If you want to use the same sender email address for all of your messages within your campaign, click the  Apply Sender to All Emails button in the bottom right-hand corner:

This is how your email will appear in your supporters' inboxes. (Do keep in mind, that the overall view will look slightly different for different email servers.)

💡 Does your test email come back saying it's from '' via"? Find out why here!

Great work! Now your message has a title and a way for your supporters to contact you. Now, let's add some content.

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