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Note: This is part 4 of a 4-part series on customising emails and SMS messages. Click here for Step 1: Customise Your Audience, Step 2: Customise Your Email Triggers, and Step 3: Customise Your Sender and Subject Line!
Step 4 of creating an effective email is writing engaging, on-brand content that is meaningful to your supporters. People receive 300% more emails than they did four years ago, and only 16% of people actually read emails word-by-word. 🤔

For your campaigns, this means your messages need to be:

🟣 specific

🟣 informative

🟣 clear and to the point

We highly recommend following the writing style guide developed by to help you write in a way that is easy to understand and accessible to your readers. Above all else, remember to start writing with the same question in mind every time: what does my supporter need to know?

Our list of most commonly used merge fields will help you personalise your content for your users, and this article will help you customise your date format and time zone.

Add Multimedia Content and Design 

Pictures and videos can catch your reader's eye and make your message visually appealing. Images often speak louder than words so using appropriate images to convey your message can be a great way to cut back the text in your email and still pass along the information you need to. 

To add a new element to your message, hover over the body of your message and click the purple plus sign on the right-hand side:

The following menu options will then appear:

  • Paragraph 
  • Image 
  • Button
  • Video 
  • Table
  • Custom HTML 
  • Line Break 


This block lets you add as many or as little blocks of text within your message. Inserting text this way also ensures that the formatting within the message is all the same and stays consistent when sending out to the fundraisers using different email servers.

Once you've inserted the text, you can edit it even further by bolding or italicising the text. The options to hyperlink, bullet point, indent, and change the layout of the text are all there too! 


This lets you add a photo, logo, image to your message body. When selected, the following box will appear in your message:

From here, you can just insert the image you'd like by either dragging it in or inserting it from one of your folders/or Media Library. We highly recommend the image requirements are:

  • 400px wide or smaller
  • 200KB or smaller
  • a JPG, PDF, TIFF, or BMP file


This lets you add a button to your message. This is useful when you want to send the user back to the website or giving users direct access to their fundraising pages or profile dashboards. 

For example, if you wanted the user to be able to access their dashboard from the email without logging in, you can add  {{campaign.url}}/dashboard?access_token={{profile.user.accessToken}} to the Button URL field, as shown here:

  • Button URL: leads the reader to an external site when clicked
  • Button Label: the button's display text
  • Button Alignment: sets your button to be left-, centre-, or right-aligned
  • Background Color: lets you choose the color of the button


This lets you embed a YouTube video directly into the body of your message. Once inserted, a block like the below will pop up:

To add a video, just paste the YouTube URL (not the  <iframe> ) here:


This lets you add structure to your messages. It's commonly used to create columns and rows in tax receipts to make them easy-to-read, like this:

After clicking the button, the block will insert. Click it to open up the Edit panel:

  • Base Table Alignment: determines whether the entire table is left-, centre-, or right-aligned
  • Edit Tabel: can edit the Names and Values on each side

To add or subtract a  row or column, you can select the red or purple circles below and to the side of the table within the edit panel:

Custom HTML 

This lets you add custom HTML to the body of your message. To add the HTML, just paste your code directly into the field:

📝 Note: these are the only accepted tags:

'div', 'p', 'img', 'pre', 'br', 'hr', 'b', 'i', 'em', 'strong'
 'a', 'code', 'h1', 'h2', 'h3', 'h4', 'h5', 'h6', 'ul', 'ol', 'li'
 'font', 'center', 'style','table', 'thead', 'tbody', 'tr', 'td'

 💡 A good tip to remember: the maximum width of the email body is 580px, so make sure your max-width is less than this to ensure proper formatting.

Line Break 

Adds a line to the email body to visually segment your message. It's commonly used to separate your thank you message from the tax receipt in Donation Receipt emails:

For more information on how people read and interact with content on the internet, check out Nielsen Norman Group's research on how users read on the web and how users interact with email newsletters.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😊

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