Set Up Email Notifications

Raisely automatically sends emails to your users around some common events like donations, regular donations and signups.

While these emails are designed for your users, you might want to receive a copy of them so you know what is being sent out from Raisely, and to follow up when things happen that need an action (like a declining card on a regular donation for example). To do this, you can add yourself as a recipient of each email ensuring you receive a copy, along with the donor themselves.

Add yourself as a recipient

To add yourself to an email, go to "Messages" inside a campaign in the admin panel. Select which message you are creating the notification for.

Inside the message, select "Step 1" and look for the section titled "Do you need additional recipients?".

A Custom Email

If you select "A Custom Email" a box will appear for you to enter an email address.           

Please note: it's not currently possible to send messages to multiple custom recipients.

Hit "Save & Exit" to confirm your changes. You'll start to receive a copy of every email sent under this message template.

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