Format Dates in Messages

Messages in Raisely will default to sending dates in universal time (that's Greenwich Mean Time). If your campaign isn't in the UK, you probably want to customise the timezone your emails use so the dates appear correct to the people who are receiving them. 👍

Your emails currently show dates like: <br>{{prettyDate donation.createdAt}}. This formats them to be human-readable, but won't convert the timezone.

To set a timezone, you need to replace this merge field with:
{{localDate donation.createdAt "Australia/Sydney" "dd/MM/YYYY"}} .

The first section in double-quotes is your timezone, pick one closest to where your donors are. You can find the full list at the bottom of the article in the dropdown menu.

The second section is the format you'd like to display the date in. Common formats are:

  • dd/MM/YYYY – displays as 02/11/2021 (British/Australian format)
  • MM/dd/YYYY - displays as 11/02/2021 (US format)

You can see here for a full list of formatting options.


You can use any of the timezone options available below:

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