Unsubscribe a Supporter

Your users can unsubscribe from messages. You can also manually unsubscribe them if they've asked you to.

When someone is unsubscribed, they will not receive any emails or SMS except for some of the built-in ones.

Do note that some built-in emails cannot be unsubscribed from:

  • Donation and Regular Giving Receipts
  • Regular Giving Welcome, Failing & Failed emails
  • Password Reset
  • User Confirmation

For example, the Donation Receipt: When sending yourself a test message from the Donation Receipt message, the unsubscribe link appears though itโ€™s not clickable and may look slightly different. Don't worry about this, we can assure you that the live message going out to the donors won't include the unsubscribe link as this isn't a possible option for the donor.

๐Ÿ“ Hot Tip: Unsubscribes apply to all custom emails that you create. 

Viewing and Changing Subscription Status

To change a user's subscription, find their account in the People tab. Look for the "Subscriptions" box and change the status using the button shown.

Note: Make sure you have a user's consent before re-subscribing them.


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