Getting Started with Messages

Staying in touch with your donors, fundraisers, and anyone that supports you is key to keeping them engaged and building a long term relationship. 

Out of the box, every Raisely campaign has fully-customisable emails to thank your donors (and encourage them to share your campaign on social media) and to notify fundraisers when they've received a donation.

Often, though, that's only the start of what you need to send. Encouragement emails, reminder SMS messages, and prompts to fundraise are all important parts of a good campaign. 🎉

Raisely helps you create personalised supporter journeys to make connecting with your supporters even easier with our Messages service. You can:

  • Send a series of coaching emails to fundraisers
  • Create a strategic supporter journey for your donors, individual fundraisers or teams
  • Re-engage inactive fundraisers
  • Congratulate fundraisers when they reach big milestones like 50% or 100% of their goal
  • Re-engage past donors, or convert them into regular donors
  • Wish a fundraiser good luck for their event
  • Thank them after their event has complete
  • Email all your fundraisers from last year to sign up for this year's campaign   


Raisely Messages provides these powerful features to let you customise your emails:

💬 Send messages as emails or SMS / Text

📨 Send messages immediately when something happens

🕑 Send messages relative to a specific date
example: 2 weeks after donating, 3 days before an event date, or 5 hours after registering

👥 Send messages to all fundraisers, donors, or users on a particular date

🏁 Send messages only when certain conditions are met
example: size of a donation, or total amount raised

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

We can help you walk through  creating a new message, setting the trigger, and adding content. You can edit your messages at any time. 

STEP 1️⃣ Choose your audience

You can send messages to your fundraisers, donors, or entire database.

STEP 2️⃣ Set your trigger

You can send your message at a scheduled time or instantly after something is triggered in your campaign.

STEP 3️⃣ Customise your message    

Customise your banner image to keep your messages on-brand. You can also add videos, images, and buttons to your email's body.


Messages costs $39 USD/month, and the first month is free. Included in this price are:

  • unlimited email templates and messages
  • 200 SMS messages/month

All SMS messages sent after your first 200 are charged at a rate of $0.06 USD/message. All messages have a 140-character limit, so if your text has 150 characters it will be sent as two messages.

You can cancel at any time without penalty, and if you are in the middle of a billing cycle you will automatically receive a refund for the unused portion of the monthly charge.

Ready to boost your engagement?

Get started by clicking the New Message button from the Messages tab in your campaign's navigation bar, or click the button below!

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