Embed your Donation Form

If you're accepting standard or regular donations for your organisation through Raisely, you can embed the Raisely donation form on your charity's own website.

Each Raisely campaign comes with its own HTML embed code, which can be pasted into an external website built on WordPress, Squarespace, Wix and any other page that accepts HTML embeds.

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How to embed your donation form

Before you start, make sure you have access to the web page you want to embed your form on. You'll need access to the HTML part of your website. Ask your web developer for help if you're stuck!

  1. In the Raisely admin panel, select the campaign you want to embed and then navigate to Settings > Donation Form. Click on the Embed tab.
  2. Click Copy Embed Code to copy the embed code into your computer's clipboard.
  3. Paste the embed code where you would like it to show on your external website.

Customise your donation form embed

Beyond the dollar amounts and fields that you can set up for your donation form across your Raisely campaign, you can also control some settings just for the embedded form.

To find these settings, head to Settings > Donation Form then click the Embed tab. Click on Embed Settings

Setting Name Description
Title The title that appears above your dollar amounts on the donation form
Thank You Title Title on the final thank you screen after someone donates
Thank You Message Message on the final thank you screen after someone donates, can include merge fields like [donation.amount] and [donation.firstName]
Thank You Share URL A unique URL to be shared when someone clicks the share buttons on the thank you screen after donating. ** We recommend you set this.
Show full currency list Show a full list of 130+ currencies for donors to choose from.
Enable Gift Aid step For organisations based in the UK, enable Gift Aid collection as the second step in the donation form
Select the second amount option by default Will select your second dollar amount as the default amount. The donor can press next to continue.
Only allow on known campaign domains Prevents your donation form from being embedded on domains other than the ones you register under Settings > Domains for additional security.
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