Facebook Login

Facebook Login allows your supporters to sign up to your peer-to-peer campaign with their Facebook account, meaning they don't need to remember a new password and we can instantly personalise their page with their Facebook profile photo.

Facebook login is an easy way to make signing up for your campaign easier, and we find about 20% of people will opt to use it instead of an email address and password.

When you host your domain on a raisely.com domain, you can use our Facebook app for Facebook login. When you host on a custom domain (ie. mycampaign.org) you will need to make your own Facebook app.

Create a Facebook app

  1. Make sure you're logged into Facebook, and then head to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/. Click the green "Create App" button.
  2. Click "Build Connected Experiences"
  3. Enter in your App Display Name (the same name as your campaign), your contact email, and optionally link your app with a Business Manager account. Click Create App.
  4. Click Setup under Facebook Login. Click Web.
  5. Enter the full URL for your Raisely campaign (ie. https://mycampaign.org)
  6. Skip over the rest of the steps and click Settings > Basic in the top right.
  7. Enter in your app domain (ie. mycampaign.org) and URLs for your privacy policy, terms of service, and user data deletion.
  8. Select a category (we usually choose Community & Government), and your app purpose (usually "Yourself or your own business")
  9. Click "Save Changes"
  10. Look for "In development" up the top of the page. Click "Switch Mode".
  11. Copy your new app ID from the top of the Facebook page, and then navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations in your Raisely campaign. Look for Facebook Connect, and replace the ID with your new Facebook app ID. Hit save.
  12. Test your signup form to make sure the Facebook login during signup works!

Get in touch if you need any help making your new Facebook app!

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