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Google Analytics lets you track and measure how many visitors you are getting to your campaign, what pages they are visiting, where they are coming from, and how your campaign is performing.

Connecting Google Analytics to your Raisely site is simple. This guide will walk you through creating a Google Analytics property, configuring it for eCommerce tracking, and then adding it to Raisely. To start, you'll need a Google Analytics account if you don't have one already.

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Create your Google Analytics property

A Google Analytics property is essentially equivalent to a website in Google Analytics. You may already have properties for your organisation website, or other websites you run. We're going to make a new Google Analytics property here, which is generally what we recommend for your new Raisely campaign.


1. Head to the Google Analytics admin panel, and navigate to the Admin tab if you need to. It's a cog in the bottom left of your screen. Your screen might look a bit like the one below. Click "Create Property"

2. Next, we need to make a Universal Analytics property. By default, Google Analytics will get you to make a Google Analytics 4 property which currently isn't supported by Raisely.

To create your property, enter a name, your timezone and your default currency. Then, click Show Advanced Options. Toggle on Create a Universal Analytics property.

Enter in your website URL then select Create a Universal Analytics property only. In the end, your screen should look a bit like this.

Click Next

3. Complete your business information on the following screen and click Next

You've now made your Google Analytics property! Next, we need to connect it to our Raisely campaign.

Add Google Analytics to your Raisely campaign

To add Google Analytics to your Raisely campaign, you need access to the the Raisely campaign and the property in Google Analytics.

First, we need to get our UA code from Google Analytics. You can find this in your property settings under Tracking Info > Tracking Code. Copy the code starting with UA-.

💡 If you just made your property, you should have arrived at this screen already

  1. In your Raisely admin panel, go into your campaign and navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations > Google Analytics
  2. Turn the integration On
  3. Paste in your Google Analytics UA code where it says Tracking ID

The remaining fields above are optional, we will go through them in the next step – Enable E-Commerce tracking.

Enable E-Commerce tracking

E-Commerce tracking is a Google Analytics features that lets you report on and analyse your fundraising revenue in Google Analytics. With E-Commerce tracking, you will be able to:

  • Report on revenue from different sources like Facebook, email, or search
  • See the conversion rate and average revenue per visitor of your fundraising website
  • Drill down on average donation sizes and donations across your day

We highly recommend using E-Commerce tracking as a way to get even more visibility into the success and performance of your fundraising campaign. 

To enable eCommerce in Google Analytics, do the following:

1. Click on the Admin tab in your Google Analytics dashboard. It should look like a little cog and will be on the very bottom of the navigation bar on the left.
 2. Check the Account,  Property, and View are correct for your campaign (at the top of the three columns), then click on E-commerce Settings in the rightmost column.

 3. Toggle Enable E-commerce to ON, then click Save. Leave Enhanced E-commerce Reporting set to OFF.

That's all you need to do! Raisely will start sending live transactions to your Google Analytics account. It can take up to 24 hours for data to appear in Google Analytics, so don't worry if you don't see things immediately.

Customising E-Commerce

Raisely lets you configure the Product Name and Product Category for both single and regular donations. You can customise these values under Settings > Apps & Integrations > Google Analytics

By default, we will use the following:

Product Name Online Donation
Product Category Raisely

If you don't have a particular preference, you may leave these fields blank.

Using Google Analytics events

In addition to the default information collected by Google Analytics like page views, referrers, bounce rates and browser/device information, Raisely sends events for different interactions on your fundraising website. You can use these events to understand how people are interacting with your campaign, and even set up goals for conversion rates and other actions.

If you're not familiar with Google Analytics events, then we recommend you start here.

These are the events Raisely will send to your Google Analytics property.

Description Category Action Label Value
A new fundraiser signs up user user-signup facebook, email or unknown method
A fundraiser or donor logs in user user-login facebook, email or unknown method
A new fundraiser signs up or creates a second fundraising profile profile profile-created the fundraiser's profile path
A fundraiser updates their profile profile profile-updated the fundraiser's profile path
A blog post is created post post-created
The donation form was stepped through statistics donate-stage stage-[stage number] (t he stage number will be from 1 to 3)
A donation was successfully made donate success the path of the profile the donation was made on the donation amount
A regular donation was successfully made regular-giving success the path of the profile the donation was made on

the regular donation amount
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