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Facebook Pixel is a tool to help optimise and track your advertising campaigns. You can add your Facebook Pixel to Raisely to track your ad versions, build similar audiences and re-market to supporters.

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Add your Facebook Pixel

Each Facebook Pixel comes with a unique pixel number. You need this to add the Facebook Pixel tracking code to Raisely.

If you are getting expert help from a Facebook consultant or specialist, just ask them for your Facebook Pixel ID. Or, follow the steps below to find your Pixel ID yourself.

  1. Log in to the Settings section of your Facebook Business Manager
  2. Navigate to Data sources > Pixels
  3. If you already have a Facebook Pixel it should appear here, otherwise you can create a new one. Select the pixel you'd like to integrate.
  4. Click on the Pixel to copy it to your clipboard.

Now you have your Facebook Pixel ID, you need to add it to Raisely.

  1. In your Raisely admin panel, go to the campaign you're editing and navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations.
  2. Toggle on the Facebook Pixel integration
  3. Paste your pixel ID into the box titled Facebook Pixel ID
  4. Click Save.

Tracking your campaign with events

Once your Facebook Pixel integration is set up, Raisely will begin sending events to Facebook each time someone does something significant on your fundraising campaign.

We automatically send page views to Facebook, along with the following pixel events.

💡 Note: Raisely often doesn't have thank you pages with unique URLs. Instead, we recommend you track the success of your Facebook ads based on these events below.

Event Name Description Parameters
PageView Website page views None
New campaign registrations None
Selected a dollar amount on the donation form None
AddPaymentInfo Entered payment information and clicked donate  None
Successfully completed a donation Donation amount and currency.

  value: 100,
  currency: "USD"
Successfully started a regular donation Donation amount and currency.

  value: 100,
  currency: "USD"

If you need additional or custom events, you may be able to add those events through our Custom Javascript integration.

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