Autopilot is an advanced marketing automation tool, allowing you to create marketing and automation journeys for your donors or fundraisers.

Raisely makes it easy for you to include the Autopilot tracking code into your Raisely website, and we can send some basic donor and fundraiser information over to your Autopilot account. For more complex requirements, a web developer can build an integration easily using our webhooks and API.

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Add your Autopilot tracking code

Your Autopilot tracking code is what powers the integration between Raisely and Autopilot. It sends website activity like visits to Autopilot, and allows you to use Autopilot features like Heads Up.

  1. Log in to your Autopilot account
  2. Navigate to Settings > Tracking Code > For Apps
  3. Copy the tracking code to your clipboard

Now, you need to add this tracking code to Raisely.

  1. In the Raisely admin panel, go into your campaign and navigate to Settings > Apps & Integrations > Autopilot.
  2. Toggle Autopilot on and paste in your tracking code from the previous steps.
  3. Optionally, toggle on syncing of donors and incomplete donations, if you'd like to create abandoned cart journeys for your donors.

Autopilot is now connected, and we'll start sending information on your traffic and visitors over to Autopilot!

How Raisely integrates with Autopilot

The Raisely autopilot integration will:

  • Add the Autopilot tracking code to your Raisely pages
  • Send page views over to Autopilot
  • Run the Autopilot associate command when a fundraiser logs in or signs up
  • Send custom fields to Autopilot when someone registers
  • Send information on donors and donation conversions

Associate supporters

When someone registers for your campaign, logs in to their account, or visits your website while logged in, Raisely will associate that person in Autopilot. When we associate someone, we will send the following to Autopilot:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email

New registration

When someone registers for your campaign, Raisely will associate their session with their personal information as above, but will also send additional core and custom fields.

Core Fields

Raisely sends all of our core fields to autopilot as "Text" fields. To see or use these fields in Autopilot, you need to add them as custom fields.

Autopilot Field Name Description
name Name of the fundraising page
goal Fundraising page goal, in cents
currency 3-letter currency code for the fundraising page
description The page description the fundraiser has written or selected
photoUrl Their page photo, blank if they don't have one
path The path of their fundraising page (append this to your campaign URL to get their page link)
exerciseGoal Their distance goal in metres

Custom Fields

In addition to the core fields, when someone creates a profile on Raisely we'll pass your custom fields over to Autopilot. Similar to core fields, you need to register these as custom fields in Autopilot to use them.

Custom fields are all sent as Text fields unless they are dates, in which case they are sent as Date fields. The Autopilot field name is based on the Raisely field ID and its privacy. You can find both under Organisation > Custom Fields in Raisely.

Public fields: Public [Raisely Field ID]
Private fields: Private [Raisely Field ID]


If you have selected Sync donors to Autopilot and/or Sync incomplete donors to Autopilot, Raisely will also send donor information into your Autopilot database.

Incomplete donors

If selected, Raisely will send donors to Autopilot after their enter their email address on the second step of the donation form, before they make a payment. We send:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Raisely Started Donation (a true/false field)
Complete donors

If selected, Raisely will send information to Autopilot when a donor successfully completed=s their donation. We send:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Raisely Completed Donation (a true/false field)

To find any abandoned carts in Autopilot, you can create a smart segment for everyone where Raisely Started Donation is true and Raisely Completed Donation is false.

When a donation is completed, we also track an extra page view with with /success appended to the page URL.

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