Webhooks allow a software developer to build custom integrations with your Raisely account. Through webhooks, we can let your application know about things happening in your fundraising campaign in real time. For example, you could use webhooks to update your CRM every time a new donation is made, or sync Raisely with an advanced marketing automation tool.

Raisely can send webhooks on a wide range events, including new profiles, new donations, fundraising total updates, page updates and regular donation events.

💡 Raisely's developer docs has a more technical overview of webhooks and how they are sent to your application. View the guides here.

Add a webhook

Webhooks can be added on a per-campaign basis.

  1. Click into your campaign in the Raisely admin panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > API & Webhooks
  3. Enter in your webhook URL. Your webhook URL must be accessible, we'll try it with a blank GET request, and expect a 200 response.
  4. Optionally enter a Shared Secret. This can be anything you like, and is used by your server to confirm the request came from Raisely.
  5. Choose the events you want your webhook URL to receive. Leave this blank to receive everything.

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