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We believe that all non-profits and charities need powerful online fundraising tools. To make Raisely accessible to organisations of all sizes, we offer our core Raisely platform for free. To run Raisely, we'll ask your donors for a small, optional fee that is passed along to us only if it has been covered by your donor.

On this page:

  • Our pricing model
  • Payment processing fees
  • Tax deductibility
  • Raisely add-ons

Our pricing model

Raisely is offered for free to charities and non-profits. To cover our costs and continue investing in the platform, we will ask your donors for an optional fee on top of their donation to you.

When someone donates through a Raisely donation form, we will present them with a checkbox at the end of the form asking them to add a small amount onto their donation. The checkbox will be checked by default, and it states that the fee covers your fundraising costs (which in this case, we incur for you). When a donor hovers over the checkbox they can learn a little more about Raisely.

If the donor chooses to pay this optional fee on top of their donation, the fee will come to Raisely. If they don't choose to pay the fee, Raisely won't receive anything on that transaction.

📝 We test the language of our checkbox and the fee amount regularly, and we can't change it on a case-by-case basis. If you're a large organisation and would like to discuss alternate pricing models with us, please get in touch.

A quick example

To illustrate how our fee works, consider the following scenario:

  1. Debbie is donating to Global Cause, an Australian nonprofit. She selects a donation of $50.
  2. After Debbie has entered her credit card details, she will see a checkbox that says "Add $2 to help cover our processing costs".
  3. Debbie leaves the box checked and clicks "Donate $52".
  4. Global Cause's Stripe account processes the $52 donation resulting in the following breakdown of fees:

Total Debbie paid: $52.00
Raisely Fee: $2.00
Stripe Processing Fee (in Australia): $1.03
Net Received by Global Cause: $48.97

Payment processing fees

To send your Raisely campaign live, you need to connect your own Stripe or PayPal account. Like most payment gateways, Stripe and PayPal charge a credit card processing fee on each transaction. You can use the links below to find fees for each of these providers:

If you are a tax-deductible organisation or a registered charity, we recommend you contact Stripe and PayPal for non-profit discounts. Email, or visit your region's PayPal support site, to enquire about your local rates once you have set up an account.

Tax deductibility

If your organisation is tax-deductible in your jurisdiction, the Raisely fee generally is too. The full transaction amount is first processed by your Stripe account, then the Raisely fee is taken as a service fee if the donor chose to cover it.

Your donor will only see one transaction on their statement, and since the whole amount goes to you first, the whole donation is usually tax-deductible.

Raisely add-ons

In addition to our core platform, Raisely offers two paid add-ons to help you take your fundraising campaigns further.

Our Messages add-on enables custom email and SMS marketing automation across your Raisely account. With Messages, you're able to:

  • Send newsletters, notices, and other blast emails and SMS to your fundraisers, donors, or both
  • Create automated communication journeys for your fundraisers
  • Create automated nurture journeys for your donors
  • Send SMS messages to remind people of key events

Our Messages add-on costs $39/US a month and includes 200 SMS messages and 20,000 emails. SMS messages are $0.06US per SMS after the first 200, and emails are $1/1000.

Our CRM add-on lets you use Raisely as a full-featured CRM for donor and supporter engagement. With CRM you can:

  • Organise your supporters with tags
  • Create detailed segments of your audience
  • Log notes, calls, and other interactions

CRM is free up to 2000 users. If you go over 2000 users in Raisely and do not subscribe to CRM, you will lose access to segments, tags, and interactions. You can always access, manage, import, and export all of your user data — regardless of CRM subscription status. Your data is owned by your organisation, and we never set limits on the number of user records an organisation can hold.

All of our add-ons are month-by-month — you're never locked into a contract, and you can cancel at any time.

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