[Version 2] Utility Directives

These directives are used right through your Raisely templates, and just offer some utilities and default styling.


  text="Check out my campaign!"
  options="{ facebook: true, twitter: false, copy: true, mailto: true }"

The <share> directive lets you render pre-formatted Facebook and Twitter share links anywhere in your theme. In your theme templates, the rendered result is editable in the file Profile/Share. You can add to the types of share links available through this same directive.


  • url required / string
    The base URL that each button should share. We'll default this to your campaign homepage.
  • hashtag optional / string
    If set, we'll append this to your tweet text.
  • text optional / string
    The default text for the twitter modal
  • options optional / object
    This configuration will show or hide sharing buttons. The visibility of a button can be set for the Facebook share (facebook), Twitter tweet (twitter), Copy URL (copy) or a Mailto Email link (mailto) buttons.



The <photo> directive helps to render photos from profiles, allowing any uploaded photo to be appended with parameters for formatting the image. Raisely uses IMGIX to format images, and the API Documentation can be used to set additional parameters for rendering your images.


  • file required / string
    The URL for the image you want to show
  • params required / string


<div page page-path="resources" page-field="html">

The page directive allows you to add page content manually anywhere in your template. You can use the page-path attribute to state which page to pull in, then the page-field attribute to pick the field (html or title).


  • page-path  required / string
    The path of the page to show.
  • page-field string / defaults to html
    The field to show from the API response. html and title are options.
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