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Your campaign's data is nearly as important as the funds you raise. 🤩 We've made it easy to download a CSV file with your campaign data at any time, for any time window.

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Download our standard reports

Every campaign comes with three default reports that include information gathered by the default fields on their respective forms:

  • Donations: contains data from the donation form for one-off donations 
  • Profiles: contains data from the signup form
  • Regular Donations: contains data from the donation form for recurring donations

To download these reports, go to Reports > Campaign Reports from your admin panel:

After you click the download button, you'll be able to select a date range for the information. You can choose one of our options or even create your own by selecting Custom date range:

Want to know more about the fields included in each report? Read our articles on donation reports, profile reports, and regular donations reports for more information!

📝 Note: these reports only include the default fields that come with your campaign. If you'd like to pull a report that also contains the custom fields you've created, create a custom report.

Dates and timezones in reports

Whenever you're choosing dates in Raisely, you are choosing them in your local time – that's the time your computer clock is set to! That extends to reports too, when you download a report and choose a time option like "This week", and your computer timezone is Australia/Sydney, the time period you download will be from 00:00 on Monday, Sydney time.

The dates in your downloaded CSV file will also be in your local timezone, unless you opt to swap them to UTC.

By default, any dates in your report (for example, the Donation Created At date) will be formatted as an ISO8601 timestamp. You can change the preferred date format for your organisation under Organisation > Organisation Settings.

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