About Your Profiles Report

When you download a standard report on your profiles (profile information for users who have signed up with your campaign), the below headings and corresponding information will appear:  

  • UUID: universally unique identifier
  • Name: name of the participant’s profile
  • Photo URL: URL of participant's profile photo
  • Description: description provided in sign up, generally why they’re fundraising
  • Goal: fundraising goal selected by the participant
  • Currency: currency selected by the participant 
  • User First Name: first name of the user who created the profile
  • User Last Name: last name of the user who created the profile
  • User Email: email address of the participant
  • Path: profile's specific address within the URL
    -example: in the URL www.mycampaign.com/name, the path is name 
  • Total: total amount raised by the profile
  • Status: ACTIVE (will always be active)
  • Team UUID: the UUID of the parent profile for this profile
    -example: the Team UUID of an individual profile on a campaign would be the UUID of the campaign itself
  • Created At: date and time the profile was created
  • Updated At: date and time the profile was last updated
    Note: it isn't possible to see what information was updated

📝  Note: To further optimize your experience with the report, you can filter for the information you need (especially if you have a large number of profiles). Instead of sifting through hundreds or even thousands of rows of data, you can filter out what you don't need through Excel by adding a filter to the top of each column and customising the type of data you want to analyse. 

Don't see the fields you're looking for? You might need to create a custom report.

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