About Your Regular Donations Report

When you download a standard report on your regular donations (contains data from the donation form for recurring donations), the below headings and corresponding information will appear:  

  • UUID: universally unique identifier
  • User First Name: first name of regular donor 
  • User Last Name: last name of regular donor
  • Email: email address of the regular donor
  • Message: message left by the donor, if any
  • Gift Aid*: if Gift Aid was selected with the donation
    -will show as TRUE or FALSE
    *only applies to UK campaigns
  • Created At: date and time the regular donation started
  • Charged At: always the same as Created At 
  • Failed At: date and time the regular donation last failed, if applicable
  • Next Payment: date and time of next scheduled donation
  • Count: the frequency of the donation's unit of time
     -example: a monthly donation will have a count of 1  and an interval  of MONTH . A quarterly donation will have a count  of 3 and an interval of MONTH .
  • Failed: the number of times this donation has failed since the last successful charge
  • Interval: the unit of time detailing how frequently the donation is processed
    -example: WEEK , MONTH , or YEAR 
  • Amount: amount the donor chose to give, in the donor's currency
  • Total: total amount of donation + Raisely opt-in (if TRUE)
  • Status: status of the donation, normally OK
    -will show as OK (successful), FAILED (unsuccessful), or REFUNDED (refunded)
  • Mode: the mode of the campaign at the time of the donation
    -will show as TEST or LIVE
  • Currency: currency of the donation, selected by the donor
  • Fee Opt In: if the donor left the Raisely checkbox checked or unchecked
    -will show as TRUE (opted in/checked) or FALSE (opted out/unchecked)
  • Fee: amount of the Raisely fee (if the donor opted in, will show as 0 if the donor opted out)
    Note: if you use PayPal as your payment processor, we will bill you monthly for this amount. See our Pricing article for more information
  • Gateway Card ID: card ID from Stripe
    Note: this is a secure identifier from Stripe, not the card number
  • Anonymous: if the donor chose to remain anonymous
    -will show as TRUE (anonymous) or FALSE (not anonymous/public)

📝 Note: To further optimize your experience with the report, you can filter for the information you need (especially if you have a large number of recurring donations). Instead of sifting through hundreds or even thousands of rows of data, you can filter out what you don't need through Excel by adding a filter to the top of each column and customising the type of data you want to analyse. 

Don't see the fields you're looking for? You might need to create a custom report.

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