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Raisely makes it easy for your peer-to-peer fundraisers to send a short message of thanks to the people who donate to their campaign. It's available by default for all campaigns created after July 11, 2020, but can be added to any version 3 campaign.

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How it works

Fundraisers are able to thank their donors either from their profile page, or their fundraising dashboard. Plus, you can use the 'Donation Notification' email to give your fundraisers a quick and easy prompt to thank the donor for their donation.

When the fundraiser thanks their donor, an email is immediately sent to the donor with the fundraiser's message. If the message isn't private, it'll also show on the donation stream on the fundraiser's page for other donors and visitors to see.

📝 If you'd like to, you can disable thanking donors under Settings > Campaign Settings.

Customising the thank you notification email

You can customise the email sent to donors when a fundraiser thanks them under Messages in each campaign. Look for the "Donation Thanked" email.

The common merge fields available in this email are:

{{donation.thankyou.message}} The thank you message from the fundraiser
{{reveal donation.firstName}} The donor's first name
{{}} The fundraiser name the donation went to
{{profile.user.firstName}} The first name of the fundraiser
{{money donation.amount currency=donation.currency hideCents=1}} The donation amount, formatted with a currency symbol
{{campaign.url}}/{{profile.path}} A link to the fundraising page

📝   A handy side note: Merge fields are made simpler now with the use of a #. Don't worry, you won't need to memorise the above merge fields. 

For example, when you're adding the merge fields to pull in the donor's first name, you can do it easily by typing a # and the name of the field whose information you want to pull in. 

The # tells the system to look for available fields, and typing the name of the field narrows the search down to the field you want to use. To insert the information, just click on the field from the list that appears, like this:

Customising the donation notification email

You can customise the notification email that goes to the profile owner when they receive a donation to include a link to thank the donor. You can add this as a link or a button in your email. Use this merge field as the link value.


Enabling donor thanking on older campaigns

Any version 3 campaign can support fundraisers thanking their donors, even if it was created prior to July 11, 2020. To add the feature to an existing campaign, you will need to:

  • Switch the feature ON (head to Settings > Campaign Settings)
  • Add the Donation Stream block to your dashboard
  • Customise your donation thanked email to match your brand

We run through the steps to add it to your campaign in the video below:

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