Change Logo Size

You have just started your brand new campaign and uploaded your logo - but there is a problem - it's too small 😭

Getting started

Here is what our campaign logo looks like. We need it to be bigger!

Change your logo size with CSS

Let's get it fixed, we will need to add some CSS to get the logo the size that we want.

1. From your Raisely dashboard inside your campaign, click Design and then Custom Styles

2. You will see a dropdown named Custom Css/Scss click that to reveal your CSS Styles:

3. Now, we need to add our CSS here to modify the logo size.

.header .logo {  width: 150px }

The width property will change the size of your logo, by default Raisely will apply 150px to the logo width. So, if it's too small, increase the width property - let's try 200px:

.header .logo {  width: 200px }

4. Click Save Changes and reload your campaign - much better!

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😊

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