Edit Campaign CSS

If you need to make design and style changes to your campaign that isn't supported in the page editor, you can edit and add to your campaign CSS file.

Where is the Campaign CSS Editor?

1. From inside your campaign, click Design in the menu to the left:

2. This will open up a sub-menu on the right, the Design area. To edit your CSS click Custom Styles:

3. Here you will see a dropdown called Custom Css/Scss - Clicking this will show you your current CSS file:

You can make edits and add new classes and properties here and they will be applied to your campaign. Keep in mind that the existing CSS is in use by the campaign and is filled with automatically generated styles.

Can I Import My Own External Stylesheet?

Yes! From that same Custom Styles area, there is a button called Add a stylesheet:

Clicking that button will prompt you to provide the URL of the stylesheet you wish to import:

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😊

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