Create Dynamic Registration Fees

Sometimes your campaign will require different types of registration fees to be paid by your fundraisers. For example, Adult registrations may cost more than Child registrations.

We can use a custom field and the Registration Fee Field in the Sign Up Form block settings to create a registration fee based on the selection of the fundraiser signing up.

Step 1. Create the Custom Field

First, let's create a custom field to hold each of the Labels and Values for the different registration types. Navigate to your Organisation > Custom Fields > Profiles tab and click Add New down the bottom right:

Next, give your field a name, note down (important - we'll need this later!) the automatically generated Field ID that is created. 

In this example, I'm going to call my field Registration Type which created a Field ID of registrationType

The field type we want is a Select Items:

The Options Value and Label represent the value of the registration (how much it should cost) and the label that is shown on the registration form. You can add as many selection items as you like!

In my example, I am using an Adult ($50) and Child ($25) registration fees, note for the value we don't enter the $ symbol - just the numeric value:

Next, we select if the field will be public or private. Generally, the registration type isn't sensitive information so we can switch the private toggle off to make it public - whatever you choose, note down whether you've toggled private on (private) or private off (public) as we'll need this later!

You can also select a default value, this is the selection that is made when the visitor arrives at the form. in this case, I'm using the Adult registration as the default.

Your completed field should look something like this:

Save your field and it will be ready to use for the next step!

Step 2. Add your Custom Field

With our custom field created, we now need to apply it to the campaigns Sign Up form so that people signing up can select the registration they want!

Navigate to your Campaign > Settings > Sign Up Form > Profile Fields tab and click Add New

Start typing the name of your newly created custom field and you should see it appear and you can click it:

You'll notice your custom fields settings are populated, you can toggle the field to be Required meaning that the user must make a selection and also adjust the default value here if you wish:

Click Save and this field will now be added to your campaigns signup form!

Step 3. Use the Custom Field for your Registration Fee Settings

Don't worry, we're nearly there 😅

Now the custom field is applied to the campaign, we need to tell the Sign Up Form to use that as the registration fee values. So navigate to your Campaign > Pages > Sign Up page:

Inside the Sign Up page, hover your mouse over the Sign Up Form block, and click the little cog to configure the block:

The block settings will appear on the right, click the Fee Settings subheading to view the fee settings:

Toggle the Fee Options dropdown to Registration Fee - you can leave the $ Registration Fee field empty.

Now, the last field is called Registration Fee Field - this is the field that the form will look at to determine the registration fee required for the signup. So, to use our custom field we created and applied to the campaign we need the Field ID and whether the field was Public or Private (from Step 1).

The format to use is: 

For my example, the field ID was registrationType and I made it public (private toggled off): 

If I made my field private: 

If I made my field public, but my Field ID is registrationSelection:

Your completed Fee Settings should look something like this:

Hit save, and you're all done!

Step 4. Check it Works!

Hopefully 🤞, with all of your work done, you can visit your campaign page and check if your registration fee is working - let's double-check!

Since I selected Adult as the default, it was already selected when I arrived. Also not the * to the right, this means this field must have a selection:

With Adult selected, I proceed to the end of the form, and I see my registration fee is $50:

If we go back and switch this to Child:

My registration fee becomes $25:

Congratulations you now have a dynamic registration fee!

If you have trouble getting this set up, or anything doesn't work as expected, as always, contact us!

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