Image Dimensions

Accepted image file formats:

  • BMP
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • TIFF

Recommended dimensions:

With over 30 different themes and infinitely customisable pages, it's difficult to make dimension recommendations that will suit every campaign. Below is a list of dimensions we've found often work best, and we'll update it as we discover more.

Large Banner Image: 1:2 ratio (1440 x 720 or 1200 x 600)
Smaller Banner Image: 8:3 ratio (1440 x 540 or 1280 x 480) 
Profile pictures: 600 by 600, minimum 300 by 300

🔥 Hot Tip
Make sure to utilise the Focal Point functionality when adding background images to ensure that the most important part of your image is always visible, no matter what screen size.

🚨 Important to Consider
Because of the responsive, ever-changing nature of the web, it is very hard to provide a perfect set of dimensions for images. Also, remember that 75% of traffic to Raisely campaigns is on mobile so make sure to spend just as much time perfecting your website on mobile as you do on desktop. 

❌ Text on Background Images
We realise that it can be very tempting to add text to your big header images, however, we really recommend avoiding this unless it is absolutely necessary. 

By baking the text into the image itself, it not only makes it very difficult to work with at different screen sizes, but it also makes it impossible for screen readers to interpret the content. At Raisely, we try to make our platform as accessible as possible and we highly recommend that you strive to do the same. Check out this article on accessibility to learn more about how to ensure your campaign is accessible to everyone.

Instead, we suggest that an image be used as the background, with the text being overlaid over the top in the editor. That'll give you far more flexibility and also ensure accessibility for screen readers as well! 

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😊

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