Live and Test Mode

There are two different modes to your campaign, it's important to understand how each of these modes will impact your campaign.

What mode is my campaign in?

Your campaign when created will always default to the Test mode, you can see this by having a look at the campaign from your Raisely admin area.

From the campaign overview, it will be displayed up the top left of the campaign card as LIVE or TEST:

Also, from the campaign dashboard, on the left you will see LIVE or TEST next to the Live Site link to your campaign:

Test vs Live Mode

The main difference between test and live mode are:

  1. Test mode will not attempt to charge a card for a donation. Live mode will attempt to charge the card.
  2. In test mode, you can use testing credit cards to test the same donation flow that your donors will experience.
  3. Donations made in each mode, are only visible in that mode. So a donation made in test mode is not visible in live mode, and vice versa.
  4. Your campaign will be publicly accessible and visible in either mode - test mode does not hide your campaign or prevent access.

Test Mode

Whilst in test mode, any donation attempts via your payment gateways will not actually charge the credit card. This is how you can test your donation flow, emails and any other accompanying processes.

For Stripe, whilst in test mode, you can use a number of different Stripe testing credit card details, you can find a complete list here: quick test card you can use is:

Card Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242<br>Expiry: Any date in the future<br>CVC: 123

When your campaign is in test mode, any test donations or offline donations that are submitted are recorded as being Test donations. They will then only be visible while your campaign is in test mode, once you switch to live mode those donations will disappear.

Live Mode

This is when your campaign is ready to start taking donations and charge live cards and PayPal accounts. Once you switch over to this mode, any test donations disappear and your payment gateway/s will attempt to deduct money.

Switching Modes

When you're ready to switch your campaign to either test or live mode, you can do so via the Payments area of your settings

Clicking the Live Payments toggle button Off puts your campaign in Test Mode, and On puts your campaign in Live Mode.

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