New in November 2020

Here's a full list of all the changes we made to Raisely in November 2020!


  • ⚡️ New hosting platform
    We've launched a mammoth upgrade to Raisely's hosting platform. Raisely pages can now load in less than half the time (sometimes we've seen a 6x improvement). Plus, these changes keep pages quick if you have supporters all over the world, and allow us to handle even more traffic.

    We're migrating people to our new hosting platform slowly. If you use a custom domain and want to move over now, hit the "Upgrade" button under Settings > Domains in your campaign.
  • 📧  Upgraded message editor
    We've made a few big changes to Raisely's messages editor. We've made it easier to make sure your message is going to the right audience, and inserting merge fields is now just a matter of hitting # anywhere in your email. Read the blog post for a full write-up on the changes.
  • 👷 New logic helpers on pages
    You can now use {{#eq}} {{#gt}} {{#compare}} {{#lt}} and other Handlebars helpers to customise page content based on information on the page (like the logged in user). 
  • 📊  Organisation-wide reports
    Raisely can now set up organisation wide reports of fundraisers and donations on an account-by-account basis. You'll find them under Organisation > Reports, but you just need to get in touch if you want one set up.


  • We've disabled the legacy Twitter and Twitter pixel integration on v3 campaigns, due to low usage. It's still possible to integrate Twitter with Custom JS.
  • We now create interactions when someone unsubscribes from messages. You'll see them when you look up a person in your "People" section.
  • We now send SMS messages from even more countries, with local numbers for Australia, the US, UK and New Zealand.
  • New field conditions for date and checkbox fields. Amongst other things, you can now show/hide fields based on someone's age.
  • We now only apply "focus" styles when someone is navigating via their keyboard using the `:focus-visible` pseudo class.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would crash our new campaign modal when you chose a font that wasn't found in Google Fonts
  • Fix a bug in some blog posts where the video overlapped the footer
  • Fixed a bug that stopped people donating when they were somewhere that Stripe didn't support
  • Sometime's the video thumbnail wouldn't show on a background video, that's more reliable now
  • Stopped Chrome from trying to autocomplete our address auto-complete field
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