Set Up Matched Giving

Matched Giving is the perfect way to boost your fundraising, and collaborate with organisations supporting your charity. It's really motivating donors to give a little extra when they know their donation will be amplified through a pool of extra funds. With Matched Giving, you can automatically match donations you receive for a certain time period within a certain pool of funds, customise which donations get matched, and watch the donations fly-in, in real-time! 🎉

To create a new matched giving period, head to Settings > Matched Giving > Create Matched Giving Period.

Create matching periods

For each campaign, you can create a "matching period". For example, from the 21st of December, 12 am to the 28th December, at 12 am, we're going to match donations up to $100,000.

For each match period, you can set the limit, start time, end time, and how much should be matched. You can do a classic match (2x) or go big with 3 or 4x match donations.

You can also customise how matched donations show in your donation stream – so you can attribute them to a corporate sponsor or major donor!

Customise which donations get matched

Want to make sure your matched pool goes far enough, or want to encourage a higher donation amount for those bigger campaigns? You can decide which donations should be automatically matched. Limit matching to a specific profile, cap the amount you'll match per donation, or only match donations under a certain amount. You can also toggle whether the recurring donations from a donor are matched or not.

Keep an eye on the progress

When your match period is live, you can monitor the Raisely dashboard to see the progress of your campaign. It'll show you how much of the pool has been used, how many donations have come through, and how much has been raised since the start of the matched giving period. You can extend or pause the campaign at any time, as well as edit the content by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner of the active campaign dashboard.

💬 Do the matched funds show on your campaign's progress bar? They do! 👏 The function creates an offline donation at the configured value. It will be calculated in the campaign totals and in the progress bar just like any other donation.

As always - if you have any questions, Contact us!

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