Set Up Badges

Keep fundraisers engaged and help them hit their goals with built-in gamification such as Badges! 🏆

You can create badges for key milestones in your campaign, like self donations, hitting your goal, joining a team, or walking 100kms. Badges are shown proudly on fundraising pages and dashboards and can be used to trigger emails or SMS messages when they're awarded. 

To set up your badges, head to Settings > Badges > Create a new badge

A window will pop up to set the name of the badge, the icon or image you're using for the badge, and the conditions for awarding the badge

The icon for your badges can be set to one of the icons already in the database. Under the title Badge Icon, have a look through the library using the drop-down arrow on the right. If you're feeling like a more custom feel, you can upload your own image. We recommend using icons from Flaticon. They are free and have thousands of options to choose from!

The match conditions are an important part of the badge setup process as they let the system know when the badge is triggered through the campaign. 

Simply type in the field you want to pull (in this example, we are pulling the Total). State the comparison and then the amount you'd like the comparison to trigger from. In this example, we're wanting to create a badge for when the fundraiser hits $500 on their fundraising page. This condition sets the badge to active when the Total is Greater than or Equal to $500.

💡 You can also hide the badge until the trigger has been activated. Can be a nice surprise for a fundraiser! 🎉

If you're unsure about what conditions to use for your badges, get in contact with us - we're happy to help! 

Common key milestones

The key milestones or the badges you'd like to award are entirely customisable however there are a few which are common through fundraising campaigns:

  • Uploaded profile photo - a great way to encourage the fundraiser to customise their fundraising page for their friends and family.
  • First donation - The first donation is always a good one to celebrate, it's the start of the fundraiser's journey.
  • Raised over $100 - The first 'big' fundraising milestone that can be celebrated. This value can be set to anything so if you're a smaller campaign, the milestone of $50 might be perfect, or if you're a larger campaign, try pushing it up to $150 or even $200? 
  • Reached 50% of the goal - Celebrating their halfway point to their fundraising goal gives them the encouragement to keep going.
  • Reached 100% of the goal - One of the larger achievements! This can be accompanied by setting up a trigger email to go with it! 🎊

Inserting the badges into your campaign

Once you have the badges set up, the next step is to set the blocks up on the fundraising profiles and dashboards of the fundraisers. 

You can read this article: Add Content to Your Pages, on how to insert rows and blocks. The block to insert is called Badges and once inserted, you can customise the heading it has, whether they are hidden to the donor, and what the badges are shown for on the appropriate page you're editing. The options here are either Campaign (great for the home page),  The Logged in User (great for the dashboard), or the Current Profile (great for the fundraising page).

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