Salesforce is an enterprise-level customer relationship management system. Many non-profits use the specialised version of Salesforce known as the Non-profit Success Pack.

Raisely has two main options for integrating with Salesforce, depending on your Salesforce set up and technical requirements.

Non-profit success pack

If your organisation uses the Non-profit Success Pack (NPSP), we've partnered with MoveData to build an out-of-the-box live integration with your Salesforce database.

The Raisely Salesforce integration, powered by MoveData, will sync all of your donations, fundraisers, teams, and regular donations in real time. It can be customised further inside Salesforce.

You can find out more about how the integration works and request a demo call with MoveData directly. MoveData charge $250/month for the integration.

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API integration

If you have a Salesforce developer or consultant onboard, you may choose to integrate Raisely with Salesforce directly using our API and webhooks.

Raisely's API gives you full access to all of the data within your Raisely account, including fundraising profiles, registrations, donations, regular donations and people. The API can be used to sync data with Salesforce, or you can use Raisely's webhooks to send data to Salesforce in real time.

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