Core Pages Explained

Setting up core pages is central to having your campaign look and work as expected. Knowing what these pages are for will help you make the most of your campaigns. Unlike with custom pages, the page path for core pages cannot be changed so make sure to build these as best suited for the page path.

 Here’s a list of common core pages and their uses to help:

Header & Footer

Set your site's Header and Footer on this page. Add content such as sponsor logos and enter the Header's block settings to customize your visitors' experience.


This is your campaign's main page. Include important information that you’d like to make sure site visitors will see. Though custom pages can be created by duplicating the Home Page these won't have the same page path so make sure to build accordingly when duplicating. 

Fundraising Profile

The Fundraising Profile page is a template for the front-facing profiles created for your campaign. Changes made to this page will reflect on all individual profile pages. Use merge fields to pull in data from public Profile Fields included in your sign up form to individualize these.

Team Profile

The Team Profile page serves as the template for team profiles and can also have merge fields based on team profile answers included. 


This page is what your profile owners will see when they sign into their account. The dashboard works as the individual control hub and isn’t publicly accessible to your site’s visitors. From the dashboard profile owners will be able to manage their campaigns, thank their donors, and see their progress. Add blocks that you’d only like to be visible to profile owners when they’ve signed in here. If you’ve added a Blog Post Feed block to the Dashboard, profile owners will be able to create their own posts from here. 
🔥 Hot Tip: If you’re running a virtual event and would like to allow participants to manually add, edit, and see their progress add the Strava Add Activity, Strava Activity List, and Strava Connect blocks here. 

Sign Up

Your Signup Form will live here in campaigns where visitors can sign up to join your campaign’s efforts or event. Style the page to fit your brand and enter the Sign Up Form’s block settings to control options such as allowing teams, setting registration fees, and allowing self-donations. 


This is the main donation page where a Donation Form will sit with donations made going directly to the campaign. A profile search bar is also included by default to help donors choose if they’d like their donation under a specific profile. 
Note: Changes made to the Donation Form's block settings on this page will not carry over to other donation forms on other pages. To ensure saved cards aren't allowed on all donation forms, for example, go through the donation forms on all pages and configure the block settings accordingly.

Campaign Blog

This is a standalone page created to showcase your Blog Post Feed use tags when creating blog posts and choose which tagged posts to show in your Blog Post Feed block settings under Tags.
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