Hold a Virtual Fitness Event

Virtual events are a great way to include fundraisers from near and far in your campaign’s fundraising efforts. We’ve built a Virtual Event campaign template tailored to virtual fitness challenges to help get you started! And our peer-to-peer templates and access to Strava activity blocks let you build customized fitness challenges as you’d like!

Below is an overview of key elements to get your virtual events set up and running!

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Set Activity Tracking and Goals

Start your virtual fitness event by setting your campaign’s activity tracking and fitness goals under Settings > Activity Tracking. Choose between Distance and Time for your Metric to Track and set your campaign’s Activity Type, Metric Unit, and the campaign’s activity Goal.

There's a list of options to choose from under Activity Type including, Walking and Running, Other, and Based on a field.

Note: When Walking and Running is chosen any participant who has a Strava sync set up will have activities created on their profile for any walks or runs they do.

Allow fundraisers to update exercise goals 

Add your exercise goal field to your campaign's signup form to allow fundraisers to edit their goals when logged into their profiles.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Signup Form and click into the Profile Fields tab at the top.
  2. Click on Add New below the fields
  3. Click into Field, search and choose either Exercise Distance Goal or Exercise Time Goal 
  4. Save the new field and drag to your desired position on the form

Customize Your Campaign Pages

Recommended Strava blocks are included by default in the Fundraising Profile, Team Profile, and Dashboard pages in the Virtual Event template. If you'd like to customize your campaign with all the available page and Raisely row templates, you can build your virtual fitness event on our new Peer-to-Peer campaign template. We recommend adding the following blocks to your pages to optimize your campaign building outside of the Virtual Event template.

Add Leaderboard blocks and set these to sort and display based on Exercise Total (time) or Exercise Total Distance in the block settings to customize your pages and showcase your fundraisers’ efforts.

Sign Up

Add exercise goal choices as the first step of your signup form by enabling the exercise goal step in the Sign Up Form block settings.

  1. Click on the cog at the top left of the block when hovering over to enter the form’s block settings.
  2. Navigate to General > Exercise Settings > Enable exercise goal step
  3. Click Add Item to create goals and their descriptions
  4. Save your changes

Fundraising Profile and Team Profile pages

Add a row to include an Exercise Counter and Progress Bar block to reflect your fundraisers’ activities. Set the Exercise Counter to Show total for: Current Profile in the block settings as well as labels and alignment. 


Let your fundraisers’ see their progress, add and edit activity entries manually, and connect their Strava accounts by including activity blocks:

  • Exercise Counter
  • Progress Bar
  • Strava Add Activity
  • Strava Activity List
  • Strava Connect

Double-check to make sure the Exercise Counter is set to show the total for Logged in User. On the Dashboard, the Progress Bar should also be set to show the progress for Logged in User.

Set Progress Bars

The Progress Bar can be set to track Exercise Total (distance) or Exercise Total Time within its settings menu:

For Progress Bars on Profile pages set the Show progress bar for: field to Current Profile. On public campaign pages such as the Homepage, set the Progress bar to show the progress for the Campaign.

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😊

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