New in December 2020

Here's a full list of all the changes we made to Raisely in December 2020!


  • 🏃 More control over how exercise totals display
    You now have more control over how your exercise totals show on Raisely. You can choose the units you'd like to use, from miles, metres, kilometres, minutes and hours. Control this under Settings > Activity Tracking in your admin panel.
  • 💜 New donation form embed code
    We've updated the Raisely donation form embed code to fire tracking events (like Google Analytics) on the parent page, to avoid any issues with cross-domain tracking.

    With this update, the donation form also resizes automatically on the page based on the height of the form. No more scrolling inside the embed!
  • 🔒 New roles for report access
    We've added roles to provide access campaign reports, bank payout reports, and organisation reports. You can add these roles to your team under the Advanced toggle in their permission settings.
  • Updated "complete my profile" block
    Your fundraisers can now click on each of the tasks in the "complete my profile" block, and complete them! They'll show up in a little modal to help your fundraisers fill out all of the parts of their fundraising page and be well on the way to hitting their fundraising goal.


  • We've overhauled our date input so it lets people type in their date, without needing to click through the date picker.
  • The control panel on our dashboard in the Peer to Peer template now lets you join and create a team (before you could just create one!).
  • We've added a handy little notice when you're writing a SMS message to explain how many message segments it will send as.
  • When you make a new select field we automatically populate the values for those options now, to save you time!
  • We removed our legacy Twitter integration, but still support working with Twitter Ads via our Custom JS integration.
  • We polished up the styles on our regular donation management pages. They look much nicer on mobile now ✨.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that stopped you from updating the name on your account in the admin panel.
  • Fixed an issue that stopped you from being able to update addresses entered via an address lookup field when editing a person.
  • Fixed an issue where PayPal fees were being recorded incorrectly in some of the Raisely reports.
  • Fixed segments that rely on unsubscribe interactions.
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