New in January 2021

Welcome to the new year! After a short break for much of the team, we're ramping things up again. Here are the changes that have landed in Raisely during January.

Introducing our new developers hub 👩💻

We've completely overhauled Raisely developer docs! It's now so much easier for designers and developers to make the most of all of Raisely's advanced customisation features.

Our new Developers Hub is your mission control, linking you out to our Styling Docs, Developer Guides and API Reference. These have all been reviewed and updated, with current documentation for all of our key API endpoints, guides on using our SASS variables and mixins, and tips on styling Raisely campaigns.

Plus, we've launched our big new Components Reference. This takes you through all of the React components available in Raisely for developers, how they work, and how you can use them in custom components. Each component has a documented description, props and an example so you know how it looks.

Check out the new Developers Hub

Other features

  • 🖼 Image Resizing
    You can now control the width of your images and logos within Raisely, without needing to use CSS. Just go into the block settings for an image and you'll see a little slider to set the width.
  • 🚤 Faster website pages
    We've reduced the loading speed of all Raisely websites from about ~1.5s to ~300ms. That's over 5 times faster! Most websites have been upgraded automatically, but if you use an A record in your DNS settings you will need to make some changes. We'll get in touch directly about that.


  • We've spent a bit of time in January tuning things under the hood. Just like with your car, it's important we do it regularly. Raisely's now running faster and smoother than ever.
  • Added tags to people exports (under the "People" tab only for now).
  • Removed the brief flash of "Raisely" appearing as the page title on campaign websites while they loaded.

Bug fixes

  • There were some issues with email buttons always aligning to the left, that's fixed up!
  • It's now ok to put emojis in donor thank you messages, and share them!
  • Fixed up a bug that caused ghost fields on forms when you deleted a field under Organisation > Custom Fields.
  • Fixed segments that rely on unsubscribe interactions.
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