Hold an Event with Activity Tracking

Events, in-person and virtually, are a great way to include fundraisers from near and far in your campaign’s fundraising efforts. To make your life easy - we’ve built an Active Event campaign template tailored to your event needs with Activity Tracking automatically enabled, or if you're building out a peer-to-peer template, Activity Tracking can be manually added to your campaign to add a bit of friendly competition between your fundraisers. 🎉

Below is an overview of key elements to get your event set up and running smoothly!

Set Activity Tracking and Goals

So you have Activity Tracking already enabled on your new Active Event campaign, you now need to set some campaign goals. From your admin panel, head to Settings > Activity Tracking. Here, you can set your Activity Type that your fundraisers will be measuring AND your Campaign Activity Goal.

📝 Note: Defining goals at a campaign level solves a couple of problems:

  • It's more consistent with how dollar handles work (which is always a bonus!)
  • You can change a campaign goal here, and the Activity Goals block will update along with the Signup form. 

To define your goals, you can turn your toggle ON and start editing away! 

Custom Metrics

You may have noticed, from the screenshot above, that there are more activities to choose from when selecting your Activity Type. You can enter anything as your activity type, along with defining custom units. This opens up activity tracking to be used for a whole range of things: elevation tracking, read-a-thons, meditation retreats - there's an opportunity to be as creative as you'd like! 💡

To build your own custom metric, click 'Create custom activity type' in the Activity Type drop-down menu. A new modal will pop open where you can add your chosen metric. 

📝 Note: When stating your metric, type it in a singular form (e.g. Book, not Books).

Click 'Add type' and then you have your custom metric built! From here, you can select the unit to fit your new custom metric.

You can also set the singular language to ensure the custom metric appears correctly through your campaign.

Admin Settings

With the new Activity Tracking updates, comes the new admin management options. You'll notice in your Campaign Dashboard that there is an extra tab added to the progress bar block showing activity values. This gives you quick access to your activity tracking without pulling any reports!

You can also manage activity tracking on your fundraiser's profiles. On a profile with activity tracking turned on, you can see all of the activity, add a new activity, delete and edit existing activity. You can read more about Adding an Activity and Editing an Activity log here.

What are Activity Fields and Blocks (and how to use them)

The activity fields that are included in the template automatically are designed to make the most out of your event. You can use them in merge tags, leaderboards, progress bars, messages, and matched giving/badges. The activity blocks below are included in the Active Event template - these blocks connect your activity goals to your fundraiser's pages and pull everything together on your website for your fundraisers and donors to interact with.

📝  Note: If you're using the Active Event template - these blocks below are added automatically to the Campaign, however, you can add the blocks manually by adding a new block from the purple + sign in the bottom right of your screen when in your page editor. More information on how to add and remove blocks here.

1. Activity List

The activity list is a simple block, with a list of the fundraiser's activities. It has the ability to log activities and connect Strava straight from the component if it's being used in a dashboard. 

2. Add Activity

Fundraisers can manually add their activities if they don't have a Strava account. They can pick their own unit to record in and we will handle all of the conversions, as well as show the original unit in the activity feeds. 

3. Leaderboards

You can add leaderboard blocks on your home page and set these to sort and display based on Activity Total in the block settings to customise your pages and showcase your fundraisers’ efforts.

4. Progress Bars

Progress Bars are a great way for fundraisers to showcase their fundraising totals AND their activity totals. 

📝 Note: For Progress Bars on Profile pages, set the 'Show progress bar for' field to Current Profile. On public campaign pages such as the Homepage, set the Progress bar to 'Show progress bar for' the Campaign.

As always - if you have any questions, get in contact with our support team.

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