New in March 2021

It's a big one! We've released three new templates along with substantial upgrades to activity tracking in Raisely. Here's the full, no detail spared rundown.

New templates

  • Active Event
    We've combined all of the best practices from our Peer to Peer template with our upgraded activity tracking to make our new Active Event template. Here's a preview, to see what we mean. The new template is perfect for virtual challenges, hybrid events, or new campaigns where you're challenging your fundraisers to track something (think books read, pushups done, stairs climbed). As usual, it integrates deeply with Strava to keep things simple for your fundraisers!
  • In Memory
    When generosity comes at a very difficult time, we should make it as easy as possible for the family of loved ones to fundraise on their behalf. That means no leaderboards, no badges, and a simple website. Fundraising in-memory is different to regular community fundraising, so we've create a new template. Check out the preview.
  • Donation Form
    We've refreshed our Donation Form template with a more modern, simplified layout. This template is perfect to accept general and regular donations year round, linked from or embedded on your website. View the preview.

New features

  • πŸƒNew activity tracking settings 
    We've built a brand new home for all the configuration needed for activity-based campaigns. You'll find it under Settings > Activity Tracking. Here you can set your activity type (ie, Cycling, Running) and your campaign wide goal. You can also configure the units (metres, kms, hours etc) you want to track in, and the challenges you want to set people.
  • πŸ“š Custom activity metrics
    Distance or time not for your campaign? That's no problem. You can now create your own activity units under Settings > Activity Tracking for your fundraisers to log on their dashboard. You could use this to create campaigns that track elevation, books read, steps climbed, or trees planted.
  • πŸ“‹ Managing activity campaigns
    When you're running an activity-based campaign, you'll see more about what people are doing in your Raisely admin panel. On the dashboard you'll see your campaign activity total, and for each profile you'll see their activity goal and progress. Head into their profile page in the admin panel and you will find each activity log, with the ability add logs, edit them, or delete them entirely.
  • 🧱 Updated activity blocks for your fundraising pages
    We've updated the activity tracking blocks so they're easier to use for your fundraisers. The new Activity List block shows past activity logs, makes it easy for fundraisers to log their activity, and connect their page to Strava. Oh and we've taken Strava out of the name of these blocks, since we're adding more integrations soon
  • πŸ” 2FA available for the Raisely CLI
    Previously we only supported two-factor authentication for the Raisely admin panel, but now our Raisely CLI supports it to so everyone can use it.


  • We've added some quality-of-life improvements to the Raisely CLI, like letting you know when there's an update available and prompting you for your password when we need it. Oh and it works on Windows now 🀦
  • You can now opt in or opt out of our newsletters from your account page in the Raisely admin panel.
  • We've added some extra security for your Raisely accounts, and you may find you're occasionally forced to sign in again if we detect something a bit unusual.
  • We've completed a major security audit, and hardened all of our defences that keep your data safe.
  • You can now choose the owner of your organisation under Organisation > Team. The organisation owner will receive any important account notices.

Bug fixes

  • People with the Manage Finances permission can now view account invoices
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