Collect Addresses for Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a scheme available to UK charities and it means you can claim extra money from HMRC. If you are a UK charity, you have the ability to add Gift Aid to your donation form within Raisely. 

Beyond turning Gift Aid on through the toggle on your donation form settings, we also need to set up some conditional logic to ask for the users  First Name, Last Name, Mailing Address, and Postal Code in order for your organisation to file these claims. 

So you've enabled Gift Aid on your campaign! 🎉We now want to add the Address field to your donation form to only show when the donor has selected 'Gift Aid'.

Step 1: Create the Address field and add the Address field to the Donation Form

From your admin panel, head to  Organisation > Custom Fields and under the tab 'Donation' we are going to add an 'Address Lookup' field. You can read more about creating custom fields here: Use Custom Fields. Once you've created your address lookup custom field, head back to your admin panel in the campaign you're working in - select Settings > Donation Form > Fields and then select 'Add New'.

Search for the field you've just created in your organisation settings. It should pop up as a field option:

Step 2: Add the conditional logic to your Address field

Now the field is included in the donation form, we want it to only show in the form when the donor has selected Gift Aid. In the field settings on your donation form, head to the heading ' Show this field when' and select the 'Add Condition' button below. 

We now want the field in this logic to set to 'Gift Aid' and we want that field to equal to TRUE. This tells the system to only show this Address field when Gift Aid is selected. Save.

As always, let us know if you have any questions at all! 😊

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