Pre-fill form fields

It's conventional wisdom that the less information a supporter or donor needs to enter, the more likely they are to fill out your form.

If you already have information on your supporters, you can create unique links that pre-fill information (like the supporters' names and email addresses) in Raisely signup and donation forms. Here's how:

1. Build your URL

First, you need to add the supporter's information into the URL. Normally, this is done in your email program by adding the information to the end of the URL using query parameters. Query parameters are like little custom variables you can customise and add to the end of your URL in order to read that data somewhere else.

The first step to building a custom URL is to add a ? to the end of your URL, like this:

Adding the question mark at the end of the URL tells the browser that everything to the right of the question mark is a query.

The second step is to define the parameters (or variables) of the query. This is where we add in all the custom information we want to send along with the URL. We do this by adding a variable name (this can be whatever makes sense for your organisation), an equal sign, and then the value we want to assign to that variable.

For example, let's say we want to pull in a donor's first name, last name, and email address into the donation form to make donating as easy as possible. My parameter for the donor's first name might look something like this:  firstName=Sarita 

This gives us a URL of

The third step is to tell the browser that's the end of the first parameter, and we're now moving on to a new parameter. We do this by entering an ampersand ( &).

This gives us a URL of

The fourth step is to repeat steps 2 and 3 for each new parameter we want to add to the URL. Since we also want to include the donor's last name and email address in our example, we'll need to define and add two more parameters. After adding all our information, the final URL is:

( 👀 👆  give it a try!)

🚨   Note: These URLs often contain personal information, so make sure they're not published in a public place. They should only be used in direct emails to the person they refer to.

2. Configure Raisely to look for information in the URL

After setting up your personalised URL, you need to tell Raisely to use this information to fill out form fields. The following example is for configuring a donation form, but you can follow the same steps for a signup form (under Settings > Signup Form).

1. To start, go to Settings > Donation Form on your campaign, and navigate to the Fields section.

2. For each field you want to pre-fill, click the pencil icon to open the field menu and look for the Default Value field. 

Raisely has a special merge code that tells the form to look at the URL for this information. It looks like this:


So, if my URL has: firstName=Sarita , the merge field will be {{$root.query.firstName}} 


If my URL has: superAwesomeSupporterNumber=123456, the merge field will be {{$root.query.superAwesomeSupporterNumber}} 

Add the appropriate value into the default value field, then click Save.

3. Repeat step 2 for each of the fields you want to pre-fill, and you're done! 🙌

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