Understand Admin Permissions

Raisely gives you granular control over the permissions you give different administrators inside Raisely. You can set up individual accounts for everyone in your organisation, and make sure they only have access to the parts of Raisely they need.

Raisely has two types of roles – basic roles and advanced roles. Basic roles are common settings you mind find useful for your campaign. Behind the scenes, they combine a handful of the advanced roles. Advanced roles are our most granular permissions, so you can craft a unique role for each individual in your account based on what they need to be able to do.

Basic Roles

Role Name Description
Organisation Admin Organisation admins are the highest-level admins for your Raisely account. They can do everything on any campaign, including managing your users and updating billing information.
Campaign Admin Campaign admins can do pretty much everything inside a particular campaign. It's an administrator role for the specific campaign, covering all campaign settings, reporting, messages, website building and administration.

Campaign admins cannot see people in your database (including emails or phone numbers), manage other admins, or download bank payout reports.
People Admin People admins can see and manage your CRM inside Raisely, but don't have access to any fundraising campaigns. They can view, segment, tag, and edit people in your database. They can import and export people.

People admins cannot manage other admins, see donations, or manage any campaign-specific information.
Campaign Coordinator Campaign coordinators can be assigned specific campaigns, and they have limited access to manage the campaign. They can:
  • Update content
  • Post blog posts
  • Manage fundraisers and donations
  • Create badges

They cannot do things like:

  • Update messages
  • View people
  • Manage other admins
  • Manage campaign settings
  • Run reports
Messages Editor A messages editor can manage messages (emails and SMS) for the campaigns to which they are assigned. They can update existing messages, or create new ones. They can't do anything else.

📝 Note: Someone can only be assigned one basic role. If you need to be more granular, used advanced roles!

Advanced Roles

You can grant an administrator multiple advanced roles to control their access in a very granular way. Where those roles are campaign-specific roles, they will apply to all of the campaigns they have access to. At the moment it isn't possible to assign different roles to different campaigns.

Role Name Description Campaign-specifc?
Manage Profiles Access to the "Profiles" tab in a campaign and is able to view, update or archive fundraising profiles.
Manage Donations Access to the "Donations" tab in a campaign, and the ability to view donations under a fundraising profile. Can add offline donations, refund donations, move donations, and re-send receipts.
Manage Regular Donations Ability to update/pause/cancel any regular donations under an assigned campaign.
Manage Pages Access to edit page content and redirects. This doesn't grant permission for design/style settings.

Edit HTML/CSS Access to design settings (brand, fonts, buttons etc) and custom CSS styles for the assigned campaign.
Manage Blog Posts Ability to manage the campaign blog, and fundraisers' blog posts
Manage Users Access to all of the people in your Raisely account, across all of your campaigns. Manage users gives the administrator permission to view private information on people, add tags, segment, add interactions, and export people.
Manage Finance Access to financial functions across Raisely, including donations, regular donations, bank payout reports, and billing for the account.
Manage Messages Access to manage all email and SMS messages in the assigned campaigns
Manage Campaign Settings Ability to manage campaign settings such as apps, integrations, fraud protection, social media previews and form fields (like the donation form and signup form)
Organisation Report Viewer Can download user reports and custom reports for your organisation
Campaign Report Viewer Can download reports about profiles, donations and recurring donations
Bank Report Viewer Can download Bank Payout Reports
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